May 25th is Day of the Public Accountant in Mexico

May 25 is a date of relevance in Mexico, since it is celebrated the Day of the Public Accountant.

For many years this date has been considered as the starting point for the activities of accountants in Mexico, because precisely on May 25, but in 1907, Mr. Fernando Diez Barroso took the first professional exam with which he graduated as Accountant of Trade. On December 20, 1925, the Ministry of Public Education revalidated the degree obtained by Don Fernando by granting him the first title of Public Accountant.

What is celebrated on May 25 in Mexico?
The origins of the Day of the Accountant in Mexico date back to May 25, 1907, the day on which the first professional exam was presented to obtain the title of Trade Accountant.

November 10 is designated as International Accounting Day. Does the sight of a ledger make your head spin? That’s why we have accountants to figure it all out!

Feliz Día del Contador!

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