Man attempts to steal a bikini in a boutique in Ticul, Yucatan

Under the influence of drugs, a man entered a boutique in Ticul and tried on several women’s swimsuits.

The incident took place at Moda Sofía store, located on 19th Street at the intersection of 20th and 22nd Streets in Ticul, Yucatan.

The suspect entered aggressively and disrespected the people present, grabbing several swimsuits and trying them on.

Municipal Police officers arrived at the scene and arrested him, taking him to the public jail. However, according to the affected individuals, there was no judicial personnel available to file a criminal complaint, as this is not the first time this individual has entered the boutique.

It should be noted that among the suspect’s belongings, a transparent bag containing white powder, presumably cocaine, crystal or some other type of drug, was found.

TYT Newsroom