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Making Money With Cricket Betting

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Making good money from cricket betting is difficult, not impossible but difficult, even the good punters only win 50 – 60% of the time. This is not to discourage you from cricket betting but rather to get you in a realistic mode about it, you will not become a millionaire overnight. You may not even become a millionaire at all, but with the right kind of focus, research, and a bit of luck you can make some good money. So let us explore how you could reduce/limit your losses and make those wins even bigger for you.

●    Research

Research is a very broad term, a loose definition is that it’s the process of gathering information, the crux of research though is the kind of information you need to be gathering.

Firstly you need to know about the sport in and out and know how the formats work. And ODI is very different from Test cricket, there would be more markets with test cricket because of the length of days. T20 is currently the most popular format, it has limited overs (20) and usually includes more than two teams. The great thing about cricket is that there is always a match happening, we have just wrapped up the T20 women’s world cup and now Australia is taking on India in a test series in India

You need to have a thorough knowledge of the teams that are playing so you can bet on the right team, do not make the mistake of emotional betting, this could cost you dearly. India has won the last three test series against India ( 2017,2018,2020) and yet Australia is ranked number one in the ICC world test championships. Just because you like your home team doesn’t mean they are the better team. Know which conditions are favourable for your team and how they fare against the top teams, look at who is in the line-up. The absence or inclusion of some players has a psychological effect on other team members

Lastly, keep a tab on weather and pitch conditions, a simple example is that the English team often has adjustment problems when playing in India and South Africa because of the humidity. This mostly affects new players, so you can already perceive that England might not do so well in really hot conditions. Bad weather can also change the number of overs in an ODI and this will change the outright market. Don’t take home advantage lightly it is proven that players will always play better when they are playing at home.

●    Choose The Right Sportsbook

Make sure you choose a reputable, licensed sportsbook. It’s no use making money with cricket betting and then not being able to withdraw your winnings because of a dodgy casino. Go for sites that don’t have caps on winnings so you will get all your money and also make use of promotions and bonuses to multiply your winnings, as always read through the wagering requirements properly.

●    Multiple Accounts

We are not saying create fake accounts on one site as this will get you into trouble, rather play on different sites. The advantage of this is that each site offers its different odds and by spreading out your bets you are increasing your chances of winning and your losses not so bad. Always keep in mind your bankroll limits though and don’t get carried away, speaking of bankroll if you want to see real money you will have to start with a large bankroll that will absorb any losses you may incur. With multiple accounts, you can also arbitrage, meaning you can bet on all possible outcomes. So on one site, you can bet on Australia winning their test series in India, and on another, you can bet on India winning.

●    Markets

Look at the available markets thoroughly and make use of all of them, even better is to bet on the lesser-known markets. Popular match markets are outright winner, completed match, and test match end, these markets need you to know your team, the pitch, and past performances. Other loved markets include top batsman/bowler, total runs, and session runs, here you need to know your players. Take advantage of less obvious markets especially when you are faced with well-matched opponents. You can place a bet on the coin toss, or the number runs from the first ball.

●    Odds

Odds tend to be very competitive across different sites, but take your time and look for odds that will work for you. And if you have the time and appreciate fluid odds then you can look at live in-betting and maximise your odd potential there.

●    Use The Accumulator Wisely

It may be tempting to group the top teams and add them to an accumulator in a bid to boost your bets, but be careful of doing this. If you need an example, look at the 2022 FIFA World Cup group games, top teams lost out against lesser-known countries, and all the teams we expected to see in the quarter-finals never made it. Rather than not take the risk for a little extra profit you decrease the odds of winning on your other bets.

●    Manage Your Bankroll

It’s no use winning a lot of cash only to lose it all in the next bet. Set limits on your bankroll despite any wins or losses. Also, remember that bookmakers also charge a commission so budget for that within your bankroll. Try not to use your winnings for other expenses. That way you can see exactly how much money you have made at the end of the series/tournament.


Use handicappers (sports picks) sparingly and with some caution, most of their predictions are based on past games rather than tournament performances. Their information is not as extensive as it should be if you want to win. A classic example would be the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup, England was the bookies’ favourite, and stunning everyone Sri Lanka walked away with the trophy winning by 20 runs.

As long as you have done extensive research and managed your bankroll you should be fine and with a bit of luck on your side you could make some serious money on cricket betting.

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