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Liborio Vidal strengthens ties with education union organizations

by Magali Alvarez
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Liborio Vidal Aguilar, “amigo Libo” met with members of the Yucatan Union of Transferred Education Workers (SYTTE) headed by Yolanda Góngora Sosa…

As part of his weekend activities, in which he dialogues with various sectors of society, Vidal Aguilar emphasized that Yucatán deserves to continue the great transformation it is currently experiencing with the comprehensive development projects promoted by Governor Mauricio Vila.

“We Yucatecans are good people, we are people who think of our neighbors, we are people who help others, that is why it is worthwhile for us to continue this construction so that we can inherit a better Yucatán to our children,” he said.

He said that when he was municipal president of Valladolid, during the time of Governor Dulce María, 70 percent of his collaborators were teachers, which is why he is convinced of the fundamental role of the teaching profession in the development of society.

He spoke of his experience of almost two years at the head of Segey as the most important political challenge of his public career.

“When the governor invited me to head the Secretariat, I confess that I thought about it, but then I analyzed it and it became clear to me that I am not going to teach classes or grade exams; that is what our teachers are for, they have all the capacity, vocation and professionalism. What I have to do is to administer and that is something I have done all my life,” he added.

He addressed the importance of teamwork for the solution of situations, of knowing how to listen to the problems in order to solve them and in that sense he emphasized that every time he visits the schools to listen to the needs of the school community and provide solutions according to the budgetary possibilities.

“I have personally visited almost a thousand of the 3 thousand public schools, there are needs, there is no denying it, but we are also attending to them in terms of furniture, personnel, internet and basic services of electricity and water, in addition to the efforts so that the personnel have job security, for which more than 800 positions have been delivered in a transparent manner.

He explained that he is making arrangements with the Federal SEP so that more telebachilleratos can be opened and additionally in coordination with the UADY he is working under the scheme of virtual classrooms so that opportunities reach all young people, especially those in the most remote commissariats.

“I know all of Yucatán, all my life I have traveled through the police stations and municipalities, that is why I always say that I speak all the languages of Yucatán, because I understand the problems of all sectors, because in various positions and even without a position I have been next to the battles of teachers, peasants, cab drivers, because I came from below and I was made in the work and daily effort,” he said.

In politics, when you give your word you have to keep it, because as my father, may he rest in peace, used to say, a word is worth more than a thousand signed promissory notes. And I consider myself a politician who knows how to keep his word, that is why I am in politics because I want to serve and I do it with pleasure and that has allowed me, I say it with humility, to have many friends all over Yucatan.

That is why today I am coming to continue building these ties that we have, to reinforce this unity with this union and to ask you to continue on the path of transformation and a better future for Yucatan because we must recognize the work of Mauricio Vila, his leadership and his vision. And that is the path we must follow to continue preserving the security in which Yucatán lives today, with the values that have been instilled in us and with opportunities for all equally.

The meeting was attended by Addy Herrera Aragón, José Hernández Peralta and Leticia Valencia Domínguez, representative of the educational support and assistance personnel. Also Alfredo López Leal and Felipe Chan May.

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