Izamal archaeological zone, the least visited in Yucatan

Kinich Kakmó, the archaeological zone located in the center of the city of Izamal, is the least visited in all of Yucatan, declared Arturo Chab Cárdenas, the head of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) in Yucatan.

The federal official pointed out that despite being one of the largest pyramids in all of Mexico, being open to the public with free access, and located just a few meters from the main square of one of Yucatan’s Magical Towns, tourists do not visit the site dedicated to the Mayan god of the same name.

For this reason, he added that the INAH is working hand in hand with the Izamal City Council to create a strategy that will increase the influx of visitors, along with the construction of suitable facilities to accommodate more people with this boost.

Chab Cárdenas indicated that the most challenging aspect of revitalizing this site is having sufficient economic resources since in the past, the Izamal City Council allocated funds for the maintenance of the pyramids located in its municipal headquarters, but these funds were withdrawn after the budget was cut by the Yucatan Government.

The head of INAH in Yucatan assured that they are in constant communication with Mayor Warnel May, and it will be around the end of this month when the action plan is determined to preserve this site open to the public.

Among the options, they do not rule out the possibility of charging an admission fee to contribute to the maintenance of the cultural heritage.

TYT Newsroom