It’s official! No aggressor in power

ACAPULCO, Gro., May 29, 2023.- The Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) published in its Monday edition the decree of the well-known Law 3 of 3 against Violence so that no aggressor of women will be a candidate for elected office.

The decree indicates that it will go into effect this Tuesday and will be applied on Election Day 2024.

“Within 180 calendar days following its entry into force, the Congress of the Union and the Legislatures of the Federal Entities, must adjust their Constitutions and other legislation that may be necessary, in order to comply with this Decree,” it states.

Articles 38 and 102 of the Constitution were amended and added regarding the suspension of rights to hold office, employment or commission in the public service.

The second paragraph of section A of article 102 was reported and a section VII was added to article 38 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States.

TYT Newsroom