Instincts – Dog Camp : Let your dog develop its instincts in freedom

Pet Success Stories are growing as people love their pets so much! Every pet is precious and irreplaceable to each and every one of us.

More and more people in Mérida are having pets, manyo f tema are adopting but others are not, and are promoting the breeding of dogs in a country where the stray animal population is a serious public health problem.

Fortunately, most pet owners are developing a Good nature and their pets are treated with love and respect. That is why canine recreational centers are becoming so popular.

Today, Pet Camps provide the possibility of outdoor activities for children and teens who have fun teaching pets new tricks using clickers

Pet Camps across the U.S. are now offering a rare combination of fun physical exercise and mental stimulation optimized for canine well-being.

If you’re looking a for a place to leave your furry companion for a day or two, maybe you want to take a look at Instincts – Dog Camp

Instincts Dog Camp is a canine care center with a stay-and-daycare option, where your best friends can play and develop their instincts in a free environment.

They are committed to preserving the physical and mental health and well-being of your pets.

Their facilities have 4 delimited areas so Dog Campers have the best experience. There is a swimming pool, a heated area, and separate rooms. Each room has clean water and ample spaces where they can rest with 24-hour supervision.

Instincts Dog Camp offers different personalized training options as part of their -Instincts Training System- in which positive reinforcements focused on the instincts of each of the students is managed and handled in an individual way.

Instincts Dog Camp also provides a preventive medicine service, treatments against fleas and ticks, medicated baths, normal baths, and transportation.

At Instincts Dog Camp they work for and for your pet.

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