Increased attendance at Yucatán’s historic sites

Interest in learning about ancestral culture in the state is growing! In 2022, the number of visitors to museums in Yucatán increased by 136.49% with respect to 2021, going from 239,513 to 566,432 visitors.

The months of December, October, July, and August -in that order- were the months in which most people visited the 24 museums in the state, according to the final statistics for the aforementioned year, published yesterday by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).

The information details that in 2022, a total of 514 thousand 17 people visited exhibitions and 52 thousand 415 attended other events. The total number of visitors to museums in Yucatan represented 1.5% of the total number of visitors to these places nationwide.

Inegi’s statistics included the 23 local museums and the “Arcadio Poveda Ricalde” Planetarium in Mérida. Of the 23 museums in the state, 11 have history as their main theme; 6 are dedicated to art; 4 to archeology, and 2 have science as their main theme.

There are 318 people working there (166 men and 15 women), in the Direction, Administration, Collections Storage and Registration, Research and Curatorship, Museography and Design, Education and Communication.

TYT Newsroom