According to the forecasts of the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), the price of gasoline in Yucatan on Friday, May 26th, rose with respect to the costs offered for last Thursday 25th of this same month, so it is important to take precautions.

There are indicators that have a direct impact even at a national level, therefore costs are not the same throughout the country and can also change unexpectedly.

Gasoline prices in Mexico today

The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) has pointed out that it is important to verify the costs just before filling up with fuel and to do so, it is important to check the website where today’s gasoline prices are given in real-time.

Magna Gasoline: $22.27 pesos per liter
Premium gasoline: $24.75 pesos per liter
Diesel: $23.52 pesos per liter

Today’s dollar price in Yucatan

Gasoline prices today, Friday, May 26 in Yucatán
Credit: Unsplash / Dawn McDonald
The price of gasoline today in Yucatán did have changes regarding the forecasts given for last Thursday, May 25, and that can change unexpectedly due to extremely important internal factors.

Magna Gasoline: $22.22 pesos per liter
Premium Gasoline: $23.95 pesos per liter
Diesel: $23.95 pesos per liter
In each municipality, there can be an important variable due to the type of transportation and the distance traveled.

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