Home Headlines From January to April, more than 500 undocumented foreigners were secured in Yucatán

From January to April, more than 500 undocumented foreigners were secured in Yucatán

by Magali Alvarez
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In Yucatán, during the first four months of the year, 532 undocumented foreigners from 22 countries in Africa, Asia, and America were secured, of which 76.88 percent corresponded to the six operations carried out in Mérida and on various highways in the State, revealed the Ministry of the Interior (SEGOB).

Likewise, the unusual increase in migration caused the establishment of four historical records, but in the next six days it will increase to six.
For the first time in 13 years, migrants from Bolivia, Nigeria, Singapore and Vietnam were detained.
In the first two months of the year, Yucatán was in 30th place in the national ranking, in March it was in 24th place, and is currently in 21st place.
Based on statistics, in the first four months of the year, 93,637 foreigners had problems with their documentation to prove their legal stay in Mexico, of which 532 were detected in Yucatan, belonging to 17 countries in the Americas, four in Asia, and one in Africa.
According to the Migratory Policy, Registration and Identity of Persons Unit of the Segob, from January to April, 165 cases of people from India were detected, 31.02 percent of the total, followed by 132 from Guatemala, 24.81 percent, as well as 97 from Brazil, 18.23 percent.
These three cases alone accounted for 74.06 percent of the total, i.e., out of every four cases, three were of these nationalities.
Based on “Events of foreigners presented by the migratory authority”, there are also 27 from Colombia, 22 from Cuba, 19 from Honduras, 12 from El Salvador, 11 from Haiti, and 10 from the Dominican Republic.
Likewise, there are nine from the United States, five each from Nicaragua and Vietnam, and four each from Argentina and Venezuela.
Likewise, two are from Bolivia and Peru, while the rest are from Chile, Ecuador, Panama, China, Singapore, and Nigeria.
The National Migration Institute (INM) reported that for the first time migrants from Bolivia, Singapore, and Nigeria were detected.
From 2011 to date, this four-month period has already seen record highs in Brazil, Haiti, India, and the Dominican Republic.
Finally, of the total number of migrants, 27,859 were secured in Chiapas, 29.75 percent, followed by Tabasco, with 9,932 detainees, 10.61 percent, and Veracruz, with 8,466 people, 9.04 percent, in contrast, Colima, with four detainees, 0.004 percent, 17 from Michoacán, 0.018 percent, and 20 from Morelos, 0.021 percent.
Quintana Roo is in 18th place in the national table, with 616 undocumented persons, 0.66 percent, Yucatan in 21st place, 0.57 percent, and Campeche, in 26th place, with 239 persons, 0.25 percent.

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