Extreme heat causes distress to dogs and other street animals in Mérida

The extreme heat of this season, whose maximum this Sunday exceeded 40 degrees in Mérida, causes people to look for different ways to alleviate it, such as wearing light clothing, drinking refreshing beverages, or protecting themselves with umbrellas.

However, stray animals, such as dogs, struggle to cope with this weather in Mérida, where it is common to see dogs in the streets in the sun, with their tongues out and without finding a drink of water to quench their thirst.

In various streets of Mérida, some neighbors take pity on the stray animals and place containers with water in shady places so that they can drink from them.

However, more people need to do this and even the authorities need to take measures to help these animals.

Call to “not deny” water to dogs and other animals in the street.

This is the case of a passerby in the Splash Pad area, located in the Juan Pablo II subdivision of Mérida, who this Sunday put some serum in a glass of water for a thirsty stray dog.

“We can’t deny a glass of water to anyone, including a dog,” commented the visitor, who didn’t want his picture taken, but did want to take a picture of the dog.

It was observed that in that green area, there are hanging water troughs for birds, but none of them had water shortly after noon, so they did not fulfill their purpose.

Maximum temperature in Mérida this Sunday, May 7

Meteorologist Juan Vázquez Montalvo, of the Institutional Committee for the Attention of Extreme Meteorological Phenomena (CIAFEME) of the Uady, announced the maximum temperatures registered this Sunday in Mérida and the surrounding area, which again exceeded 40 degrees:

Fiuady North: 39.4 C
Ciafeme Nororiente: 40.0 C
Quintero East: 40.2 C
San Camilo Kanasín: 40.1 C
Uman: 39.9 C

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