Ester Expósito and Juan Pablo Medina visit the stadium of the Yucatán Lions

During a break from filming the series “Bandidos,” which has been set in the city of Mérida and other municipalities in Yucatán for several weeks now, actors Ester Expósito and Juan Pablo Medina visited the Kukulcán Stadium to watch a game of the Yucatán Lions.

Yesterday marked the beginning of the series between the Lions and the Mexico City Red Devils. The feline team fell to the devils with a final score of 7-2. In a game filled with emotions, the scarlet team took the lead in the fourth inning with a five-run rally.

The protagonists of the Netflix series “Bandidos” took photos with fans and wore the cap and jersey of the Yucatán Lions before enjoying the first game of the series in Mérida.

Throughout the week, several actors have arrived in the city to film scenes for the series, including Alfonso Dosal and Juan Pablo Medina. Several iconic locations in Mérida have served as settings for the series, such as the Olimpo Cultural Center, the Siglo XXI Convention Center, and various streets in downtown Mérida.

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