Due to the negligence of the Acanceh City Council, residents are improvising signs with wood and cardboard

The lack of traffic signs on the streets of Acanceh has forced some citizens to improvise them using pieces of plastic, wood, and cardboard. This is done in order to alert drivers of the presence of stop signs or speed bumps and to prevent accidents.

According to residents of streets 24, 26, 19, and 27, it is “a real shame that the streets of the municipality don’t have proper signs and that we have to create them as if we were in elementary school learning about the topic.”

Alberto Sonda Tuz also pointed out that it is unbelievable that the residents have to make the traffic signs themselves instead of the municipal authorities, as it should be.

“Traffic signs are the symbols used on public roads to provide necessary information to users traveling on a road, especially to drivers and pedestrians. Most of the streets don’t have these signs, which has led to more vehicle accidents than usual,” said the citizen.

He mentioned that many streets no longer have these signs, and as a result, some people have taken it upon themselves to “make” them in order to alert other citizens and protect their families from misfortunes.

“Some individuals have written the words ‘Stop,’ ‘Speed Bump,’ ‘Danger’ on a piece of wood, cardboard, or plastic and placed them on poles or stuck them to walls,” the young man said.

And as this local resident points out, there have been several car accidents on some streets of the municipality in recent days, mainly because most drivers are outsiders and are unfamiliar with the streets.

On street 24 between 25 and 27, residents used a round red piece of plastic attached to a wooden pole to paint the word “Stop.”

On street 26 with 21, there is a completely faded metal sign that indicates nothing.

On road 19 between 20 and 22, there is also a lack of traffic signs. Some of the residents agreed and painted the signs on a piece of cardboard, which they then nailed to a pole. Near the same location, there is also a disc-shaped sign, but like the one on street 26 with 21, it is completely blank due to the passage of time.

TYT Newsroom