Driver runs over motorcyclist in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Photo: Noti Caribe

Playa del Carmen, MX.- A motorcyclist ended up with serious injuries, after he was run over by a red Versa car this afternoon, whose driver blew the stop sign, at a crossroads in this city.

The accident occurred around 2:00 p.m. on Paseo Central Avenue and 125th Street, where Transit police arrived and then private paramedics.

Witnesses state that the motorcyclist was about to pass through the intersection with right of way, when he was suddenly run over by a compact vehicle traveling from east to west.

As a consequence, the driver was badly injured on the pavement and was taken to IMSS 18 of this city to be treated for his injuries.

The driver was detained and taken to the municipal Public Safety facilities to continue with the clarification of responsibilities.

The units were finally taken to the corresponding corralón.

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