Dogs and cats in extreme cruelty conditions rescued in Puebla

Photo: Informador

In a house in the city of Puebla, a total of eight animals, dogs and cats, who were in poor health due to extreme neglect, were rescued.

The animals were found in a home located on Tehuacán Sur street in the La Paz neighborhood, in the city of Puebla.

Authorities from the municipality of Puebla and the Animal Welfare Institute of the State Government (IBAPue) went to the site and found that the dogs and cats showed high levels of malnutrition, thinness and signs of cruelty.

Not being able to legally enter the home, the corresponding authorities, left notices to the owners of the property, dreams of dogs and cats.

“Immediately staff of the #IBAPue, went to the home located in the south Tehuacán street of the La Paz neighborhood, where we found the presence of apparently eight animals between dogs and cats, all in conditions of cruelty by extreme abandonment that indicate the lack of a #TenenciaResponsable, we continue on site working for the #BienestarAnimal”, reported the institute.

Hours later, members of an animal protection group entered the home in order to rescue and protect the animals.

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