Dog rescued after falling into a cenote in Valladolid, Yucatán

Valladolid – Members of the coordinated municipal police of this municipality in eastern Yucatan, assigned to the police station unit, rescued a small dog that had fallen into a cenote in the Tixhualactún police station.

Due to a citizen’s report, the barking of a dog that had apparently fallen into a cenote was heard.

Upon receiving the citizen’s report, the police immediately went to the place and upon seeing that the report was positive, they requested the support of the base and the Civil Protection team of Valladolid.

While the Civil Protection team was arriving, the policemen with the help of the locals went down to the cenote to rescue the dog, which was in good condition.

The Valladolid City Hall was informed about the rescue of the small dog, which would be sheltered in the police facilities while it is being defined if it could be adopted or if the possible owner of the animal appears.

In a first check, the dog was declared unharmed and in good health conditions.

TYT Newsroom