Delivery of queen bees boosts Yucatan’s beekeeping industry

The government of Mauricio Vila Dosal has successfully distributed over 42,000 queen bees of excellent genetic quality generated in production centers, a state strategy that is strengthening the production of increasingly more beekeepers in the Yucatan territory.

Through this program, the state government distributes these specimens to trigger honey production in the region, and on this occasion, the Secretariat of Rural Development (Seder) delivered these insects to 30 beekeepers in the municipality of Uayma.

This scheme is active year-round so that producers have the opportunity and ease of obtaining queen bees to strengthen their hives.

In addition to benefiting beekeepers, the state government supports beekeeping to increase honey production and enhance its competitiveness in national and international markets.

Since the beginning of his administration, Mauricio Vila Dosal has demonstrated an interest in environmental conservation; hence, he promoted the creation of Queen Bee Production Centers to safeguard these specimens that are the main pollinators.

With this significant support for Yucatan beekeepers, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal reaffirms his commitment to promoting activities that represent benefits for families, particularly in the interior of the state, to strengthen their production and the local economy.

TYT Newsroom