Cochinita Pibil among the top 10 street foods in the world

Yucatecan cuisine has done it again, as Cochinita Pibil is considered one of the top 10 street foods in the world.

This recognition comes from the culinary compilation Taste Atlas, which specializes in reviewing international dishes.

In addition to sharing reviews of dishes from around the world, Taste Atlas has released a list of the best street foods, with Mexico holding four spots in the top 10.

Taking the first place is Guotie, originally from China, followed by Roti Canai, a Malaysian dish, in second place, and Espeto, a dish from Málaga and the Costa de Granada, in third place.

Although in Yucatán, Cochinita Pibil is not typically considered street food, it is well known that it is often sold at street stalls. However, it is also a traditional Yucatecan dish available in restaurants specializing in Yucatecan cuisine.

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