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Approximately 20% of pregnant women suffer from depression

by Sofia Navarro
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In Yucatán, around 20% of women who give birth experience postpartum depression, according to the Ministry of Health. Therefore, mental health care is essential for the well-being, development, and functioning of expectant mothers. Due to the significant hormonal changes they undergo, they may experience transient episodes of sadness, crying, anxiety, and difficulty bonding with their children, said Rebeca Zetina Muñoz, Head of the Medical Management Coordination at the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).

Zetina Muñoz explained that pregnancy and the postpartum period involve multiple hormonal changes in women’s bodies, which can lead to situations requiring specialized attention such as prenatal depression (during pregnancy) or postpartum depression.

“During these stages, momentary episodes of sadness or anxiety are also common, among other emotions, but in most cases, these feelings subside within a few days. However, if they persist for an extended period, it is important for women to seek guidance and/or specialized treatment,” she emphasized.

The specialist mentioned that some indicators of complications in mental health include sudden mood swings, inability to concentrate, increased levels of anxiety, changes that affect normal patterns of sleep, rest, and eating habits of mothers, fear or sadness, behaviors of isolation or interference with the mother’s willingness to care for her own health or that of her children.

“The Institute has multidisciplinary teams that include family doctors, social workers, psychologists, gynecologists, and psychiatrists, among others, who provide personalized follow-up according to the specific situation of each case. Guidance can be requested at the Social Work modules,” she added.

She also mentioned recommendations that do not substitute the care of a specialist but can help with support, such as listening to mothers and avoiding judgment, sharing baby care responsibilities, ensuring proper sleep and rest, promoting physical exercise during and after pregnancy along with a healthy diet, and supporting mothers in the use of breastfeeding techniques.

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