A humble dwelling located in the Felipe Carrillo Puerto neighborhood was completely destroyed by a fire that started in its thatched and wooden roof.

Minutes after 4 p.m., the smell of burning alerted the neighbors, who upon leaving their houses realized that an old house was engulfed in flames.

They immediately notified emergency services in order to extinguish the blaze. At the intersection of streets 36 and 39 and 41, there was a strong presence of municipal and state police as well as the fire department from the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP).

The fire started in an old house measuring 5 by 4 meters with a thatched and wooden roof. However, due to the intensity of the flames, it spread to a shed and part of the kitchen of Elsy K.y D.’s property.

The neighborhood was filled with fear because a Lp gas tank was inside the house. The rescue teams managed to extinguish the fire that had taken hold of the property.

Unfortunately, the house was completely destroyed. Although the cause of the fire is unknown, it is believed that it was possibly due to a short circuit.

TYT Newsroom