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Yucatán family discovers cenote in their own backyard

by Magali Alvarez
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The Borges Hernandez family wanted a swimming pool in their home and hired a crew to build it in the backyard of their house, located in the municipality of Hunucmá in Yucatán, but when they started digging they were amazed to discover a cenote.

“Then when they opened the pool, water came out and they began to dig and saw that it was already formed here. It is not normal for someone to have it in their house”, explained Jimena Borges Hernandez, owner of the house that now has a cenote, with astonishment.

A real natural freshwater pond, which according to biologists is supplied by subway rivers that are formed in many places of the Yucatan peninsula.

The discovery has amazed the residents of the community who are asking the owners of the house to let them see it.

“The truth seems to me something extraordinary, very wonderful”, expressed Ángel Kúz, neighbor of the municipality of Hunucmá in Yucatán.

For the Borges Hernández family, it is a magical place that should be respected and preserved as part of the ecosystems and natural wonders of Yucatán.

“My grandparents are ancient and have the belief that you have to bless the father and have to offer k’ol to the winds to be able to name it as such. The water is cold, it is always cold when it is very hot and when it is northern time the water is hot,” explained Jimena Borges.

How many cenotes are there in Yucatan?

According to information from the guardians of the water collective, it is estimated that there are more than 7,000 cenotes in the state of Yucatan, but less than half have been discovered.

What happens if you find a cenote in your backyard?

If you find a cenote in your backyard, you will be subject to the National Water Law. This law indicates that the owner of the land can dispose of the cenote, although article 27 of the Constitution indicates this, a federal executive could intervene and dispose of the subsoil waters. In order to avoid that the cenote located in our house is inalienable, a concession can be requested according to article 38 of the Law of Natural Waters.

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