Worker crushed to death by truck loaded with construction material in Tizimín

Photo: Yucatan al Instante

TIZIMÍN, Yuc., April 1, 2023.- A young man of about 28 years of age, who was helping to unload material at a construction site on 22nd Street at 49-B and 49-C in Tizimín, lost his life crushed by concrete blocks.

This unusual accident occurred when a material truck was backing into the site, for which the young man moved to the side to give directions to the driver.

However, the weight of the vehicle collapsed a drain, which caused the heavy truck to tip, and its load of blocks fell on the young man, crushing him and leaving him seriously injured.

Paramedics were immediately called for help, but when they arrived the young man had already lost his life due to the seriousness of the injuries and blows he suffered in this accident. His body was covered and the intervention of the Semefo was requested.

Investigation personnel would also intervene to clarify the manner in which this tragic event occurred.

TYT Newsroom