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Here we tell you why every April 13 people celebrate International Kissing Day; it is considered a universal gesture of love.

For all the people who like to express their love and affection in different ways there is good news, because April 13 is the celebration of the International Kissing Day which has been considered by many as a universal gesture of affection.

It is worth noting that for the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) kissing is the representation of touching or pressing with a movement the lips of someone or something to express love, greeting, or desire.

The kiss was undertaken by a woman and a man from Thailand who achieved the world record, which is why the International Kissing Day was created, a celebration that began a little less than a decade ago.

The name of these people is Laksana Tiranarat and Ekkachi, a security guard and his wife who won a contest for the longest kiss in 2013.

This lasted 58 hours and 35 minutes and for this reason they are in the Guinness Book of Records.

This competition was held in the Pattaya shopping center located in Thailand, in which nine couples participated and had to kiss each other without interruption.

The winners, apart from obtaining this title, received a metal plaque, a recognition by the Guinness World Records and two rings with diamonds.

Now yes, if you want to celebrate this day by kissing someone, here we leave you some of the benefits that these have:

According to the author Andréa Demirjian kissing someone has benefits both in health, such as reduction in blood pressure, relief for headaches, elimination of dental plaque, production of hormones in happiness and in women relieves menstrual cramps.

Finally with this activity you can eliminate calories, improve self-esteem and stretch facial muscles.

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