Visit the Artisan Bazaar in Santa Ana through April 16

Photo: Notirasa

From April 13 to 16, the Bazar Artesanal Herencia Viva will be held in the Santa Ana park with the objective of promoting the sale of handicrafts and products from the region to local, national and international tourism.

The bazaar is intended to reflect the tradition of the area, with a new image to express that in the territory people live in harmony with nature and its resources.

This is the first of three editions scheduled for 2023. This edition will feature the participation of more than 35 local producers from different handicraft branches.

In the Bazar Herencia Viva you can find products made of henequen, honey, textiles, footwear, hammocks, coconut, wood, among others, which are made by artisans from more than 12 participating municipalities.

The Bazar Artesanal Herencia Viva will be open from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm on Sunday, April 16 at Santa Ana Park in downtown Santa Ana.

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