Two men get run over by cargo trucks on Yucatan highways

Photo: SIPSE

MÉRIDA, Yucatan – This Friday was a fateful one, as two men died in accidents involving heavy trucks on the Mérida-Campeche and Mérida-Progreso highways, and in both accidents the drivers fled leaving the victims to their fate.

Crushed by truck in front of the Temozón bridge
This Friday afternoon, a man who was waiting on a street corner was run over and crushed by a double trailer truck on the Merida-Progreso highway, in front of the Temozon bridge.

According to unofficial reports, the man was waiting on the sidewalk, apparently waiting for someone to pick him up, but at some point he was run over.
The driver of a double-trailer was turning to merge onto the highway, but did not measure his distance and ran over the man who was on the escarpment. However, the driver continued moving forward and crushed him with the second trailer, fleeing the site.

Witnesses immediately called the emergency numbers, and moments later the agents arrived, who confirmed the death, covered the body and cordoned off the area.

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