Tekax, Yucatan Photo: Top Adventure

Yucatán has some very interesting communities, with everything you need if you plan to visit this southern state.

Any of the following four are very complete, so it will be impossible for you to get bored, and you will have a good chance of having a good time.

Very important communities in Yucatán that are well worth visiting
One of the communities in Yucatan that you must have on your list of next destinations is Tekax, which means “There where the forest is” and in 1823 it obtained the title of Villa, in 1841 it was declared a City.

Photo: Top Adventure

One of its main attractions are the archaeological sites of Chacmultún, located in the north of Yucatán. These are a total of 3 very old buildings on 30 meter high hills.

They were discovered in 1875 by a photographer and explorer from Austria, and it was not until 1970 that excavations began, being the first in which other Puuc-style constructions were found.

Río Lagartos
Very important communities in Yucatan that are worth to know.

The second of the communities in Yucatan that you can visit during your visit is Rio Lagartos located in the coastal region north of Merida and a few kilometers from Progreso.

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In this southern place you will find many interesting locations, for example Las Coloradas with its white sandy beaches and pink water that is the most striking, the Itzamkanac Crocodile Farm and the Malecon Poniente.

San Felipe
Very important communities in Yucatan that are worth visiting.
Continuing with the communities of Yucatan where the beaches stand out, San Felipe is a good place if you want to do sport fishing and also try a lot of local food in its five restaurants.

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With respect to lodging, there is a hotel called Casa Chuleb made of wood with walls and roof made of palm. Although it is also quite common to find private houses.

Very important communities in Yucatan that are worth visiting
The last of the communities in Yucatan that will give you good experiences is Motul, which means “Mut bird”, and is one of the oldest towns in Mexico, having been founded in the 11th century.

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Its most famous sites are:

Cenote Sambulá
Temple of San Juan Bautista de Motul
Felipe Carrillo Puerto Museum

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