Tía de Kaua, recognized as Best Traditional Cook of Yucatan for her delicious Poc Chuc

Poc chuc already has an ambassador, it is Kaua’s aunt, who was awarded the prize for Best Traditional Cook of Yucatán 2023 during the event “The Best of Yucatán”, organized by Mexico Desconocido and endorsed by the State government.

Through a national vote, the career and flavor of Kaua’s aunt were recognized, who received praise for the delicious taste of her poc chuc, a traditional Yucatecan dish made with charcoal-cooked pork.

She also received another distinction, as she was in the “top 3” in the category of Best Traditional Restaurant in Yucatán.

(Photo: sumarioyucatan.com)

What does poc chuc mean?

The name poc chuc comes from the Mayan words “pook,” which means “toast” or “roast,” and “chuuk,” which means “charcoal”; in other words, charcoal-roasted.

After receiving her awards, Kaua’s aunt dedicated them to her clients, collaborators, friends, and the inhabitants of her hometown, and also gave thanks to God.

The awards ceremony took place at the Auditorium of the Grand Museum of the Maya World, in Mérida, and was attended by the Secretary of Tourism Development of Yucatán, Michelle Fridman, and the director of Mexico Desconocido, Luis Cachefeiro, among other people.

Who is Kaua’s aunt?

Leovigilda Canul Poot, “La tía,” has a restaurant that is a must-visit for travelers heading to Cancun or Mérida and passing through Kaua, where it is located at the intersection of 11th and 8th streets.

It all started with a straw house, a couple of tables and chairs at Kaua’s aunt’s house, but over the years her seasoning became famous and more and more customers came, which “forced” her to expand the restaurant.

The smell of the pork being cooked and the handmade tortillas is characteristic of the place, located between Chichén Itzá and Valladolid, on the free road to Cancun.

Leovigilda Canul used to work as a butcher until she decided to sell poc chuc, a great decision as her seasoning was a success.

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