This was the moment of the crash of a small plane in Mérida: (Watch Video)

This Wednesday, a plane from the iFly aviation school crashed due to an alleged mechanical failure in the Nueva Sambulá neighborhood of Mérida.

According to the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), the pilot and co-pilot of the aircraft, owned by a private aviation school, suffered various injuries and were transferred to a hospital.

The plane fell on land in the west of Mérida, where no victims were recorded in the accident; however, the health evolution of the passengers is unknown.

Reports indicate that the blue and white plane was heading to the Mérida airport hangar, where it collapsed on the way due to engine system failures.

The SSP Yucatán released the video of the exact moment in which the plane fell on land in the west of Mérida, where before collapsing, it dragged several electricity cables.

Subsequently, the aircraft collapsed to the ground, where the two passengers were seriously injured and are being treated at a hospital in Mérida.

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