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The Legend of La Llorona

by Magali Alvarez
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One of the stories that even with the passage of time continues to cause fear to those who hear it, so much so that there are those who mention having proven its existence is that of the Llorona, very popular in Mexico, it is said that she has been heard screaming in the streets of different places and that her presence is not limited to a single region.

It is said to have originated shortly before the conquest, it is a young woman in love and mother of a family. The versions of her are varied, but if they coincide in her appearance, it is said that she wears a long white dress, very white in spite of the weather, with long hair and a veil that covers her face.

As she passes by, it is heard that she drags chains, perhaps those of her condemnation to suffer on earth, a slow step characterizes her and a terrible cry, from her mouth comes out a terrifying scream in which she repeats incessantly the search for her children, the story goes, which has been transmitted from generation to generation, For more than 5 centuries, this woman, sad for not being reciprocated by the man she loved, goes mad to the point of murdering her children, in the midst of her dementia she repents of such act and takes her own life, now she wanders through the darkest and loneliest streets in search of her little ones.

She wanders through different places with the hope of one day finding her children and not letting them go, such is her pain that when she reaches the middle point of a town, that is to say the main square, she kneels down and screams even louder “Ay!…mis Hijos”… “Where are my children?!”

Those who have had the misfortune of having heard her, have recounted the panic they felt when they heard such a heartbreaking cry, they have arrived home pale and speechless. It is said that in the state of Yucatan the place where she has been heard the most is in the town of Chicxulub, where it is said that women’s wails are constantly heard.

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