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The baffling case of Roland T. Owen’s mysterious death

by Sofia Navarro
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In January 1935, a mysterious death occurred in Room 1046 of the Hotel President in Kansas City, Missouri. The story of the death in Room 1046 is one of the most fascinating unsolved mysteries of the 20th century, and to this day, no one knows what really happened.

The man who checked into Room 1046 was known only as “Roland T. Owen”. He arrived on January 2 and paid for the room in cash. He was described as being in his mid-20s, around 5’5″ and weighing about 135 pounds. He had dark hair and a scar over his left eyebrow. He did not have any luggage with him.

On the morning of January 3, the hotel staff received a call from Room 1046, reporting that a man had been injured. When they arrived, they found Roland T. Owen lying on the bed, naked, and with multiple injuries. He had been tied up and beaten, with bruises and cuts all over his body. The room was also in disarray, with broken glass and furniture scattered everywhere.

Owen was taken to the hospital, where he refused to give his real name or any information about himself. He seemed to be in a state of extreme fear, and his injuries were so severe that he died the following day. He was buried in a pauper’s grave, and his true identity was never discovered.

The mystery deepened when the police found out that the name “Roland T. Owen” was fake, and the address he had given was also false. In fact, the address was that of a vacant lot. Investigators found a number of strange items in the hotel room, including a label from a shirt that had been removed and the remains of a bloody towel.

There were also a number of unusual events that occurred in the days leading up to the murder. Several hotel guests reported hearing screams and strange noises coming from Room 1046, but when they complained to the hotel staff, they were told that the room was unoccupied. Additionally, a man claiming to be Roland T. Owen’s brother visited the hotel and tried to gain access to the room, but was turned away.

Despite the extensive investigation, the identity of the victim and the circumstances of his death remain a mystery. Some theories suggest that Owen was a victim of organized crime or that he was involved in illegal activities. Others believe that he was a victim of a sadistic killer who has never been caught.

The death in Room 1046 remains one of the most puzzling unsolved mysteries of the 20th century. It has captured the imagination of true crime enthusiasts and has inspired countless theories and speculations. To this day, we may never know what really happened in Room 1046, and the truth may remain forever hidden in the shadows.

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