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The 7 Best Movie Theaters in Merida, Yucatan

by Magali Alvarez
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For more than 100 years, movie theaters have been an excellent attraction that entertains both young and old. Because no matter what kind of person you are, there is no doubt that there is at least some kind of movie that manages to attract your attention and allows you to spend excellent moments of leisure and fun.

That is why in the following article, we will be reviewing the 7 best movie theaters in Merida, Yucatan, so you can enjoy that movie you like so much, accompanied by your favorite treat.

  1. Cinépolis La Isla Merida

For those who live in the north of the city, or have a vehicle that allows them to get there quickly, you are lucky to be able to visit the most impressive and prestigious movie theater in the city.

Of course we are talking about the great “Cinepolis” located in La Isla Merida. This is the well-known movie theater chain, but in one of its most colorful and best equipped branches.

This place has the most comfortable movie theaters in the city, so you can enjoy a movie in the most pleasant way possible.

Phone: +525521226060

Hours: Check schedules at cinepolis.com

Location: New Mall La Isla Mérida Calle 88 Periférico de Mérida Licenciado Manuel Berzunza, Yuc.

  1. Siglo XXI Cinemas

For those who are looking for a different option to the Cinepolis chain, which monopolizes the city, we bring you one of the most modern and elegant movie theaters.

We are talking about siglo xxi cinemas. It stands out from the rest by offering very important promotions in terms of tickets, soft drinks and popcorn.

An option that is undoubtedly worth visiting.

Phone: +52999999421900

Schedules: Check the virtual billboard for show times.

Location: C. 60 299-E, Zona Industrial, Cordemex, 97118 Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

  1. Cinemex Galerias cinemex-galerias-merida
    For those who enjoy true comfort and want to feel truly pampered while watching a movie, you can opt for the cinemex VIP lounge.

Literally, this place offers very comfortable sofas, so you can feel at ease while enjoying your favorite movie.

And the best thing is that if you go from Monday to Wednesday, you can enjoy very good promotional prices.

Phone number: +525552576969

Hours: Check schedules on the virtual billboard.

Location: Galerías Mérida Calle 60.299, Carr. Mérida – Progreso Km. 8.5, Colonia Revolución, 97143 Mérida, Yuc, México

  1. 2001 Alternative Cinema

If you like classic movies, cult cinema, and consider yourself a true cinephile, then you can’t miss this cinema.

It is 2001 Cinema Alternativo, which although it is not an institution that is characterized by having the best screens, sound or comfort, it does offer cult films at an economical price.

It’s like stepping into a time machine and enjoying the movies, just like 50 years ago.

Phone number: +529997505655

Schedules: Consult billboard

Location: C. 20 98a, Itzimná, 97100 Mérida, Yuc, México

  1. Cinemex Centro

Returning to the city’s most popular movie theater chain, we find the downtown branch of Cinemex.

The site has a very large space to enjoy the wait, excellent screens and always has the latest movies.

So if you want to enjoy a clean movie theater near downtown, don’t miss this branch.

Phone: +52555552576969

Location: Calle 57 No.553 B-X-72, Centro, 97144 Mérida, Yuc.


  1. Cinépolis Gran Santa Fe

For those of you who are east of the city, you probably already know the Cinepolis Gran Santa Fe branch.

It is an ideal place to see your movies, and you can always enjoy the possibility of getting your tickets online, and reserve your popcorn and drinks through the same way.

Phone number: +525521226060

Opening hours: Check on the website

Location: Boulevard Chahue # S / N Col Centro, 70989 Mérida, Yuc., Mexico

  1. Cinemex Itzaes

Returning to another of the largest chains in the city, located in the downtown area, we find Cinemex Itzaes.

This branch stands out for having multiple theaters, spacious and ventilated spaces and very good premieres.

You can buy your tickets in advance, but in general, you will always find a movie coming soon and availability to get your tickets.

Telephone: Information on the official website

Schedule: Check the digital billboard.

Location: Av. Itzaes 544, Itzaes, 97000 Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

Well, so much for our selection of the best movie theaters to enjoy your favorite movies in a very comfortable and relaxed place.

Now you just need to get your tickets, buy your favorite candy, popcorn and a soda to enjoy the best premieres.

Phone: +52999797505655

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