Record-size croc hunted down before it becomes a problem

A huge alligator spotted on a cattle ranch in South Florida was hunted down before it could become a problem, which appeared to be a likely scenario.

The alligator measured 12 feet, 2 inches in length and was described as a “giant” by Mike Kimmel of Martin County Trapping and Wildlife Rescue.

Kimmel guided Rick Mace on the hunt for the “once in a lifetime beast,” as detailed on the Martin County Trapping and Wildlife Rescue Facebook page.

“We knew this gator could end up being a big problem if not dealt with immediately,” Kimmel wrote. “The state and their biologists issue us tags to manage the gators on this property, and, no, relocation is not possible. It would be illegal and irresponsible. This is done because gator population control is crucial for the health of the gator population, the ecosystem and for the safety of surrounding areas.

“A gator this size can easily eat a calf or even a cow, working cow dogs are also a big concern.

“Not very long ago, Florida actually had an older woman pulled into the water and killed by a much smaller gator. These big bull gators will try to dominant the area and kill all other male gators, which becomes a problem as well.”

Kimmel guessed the alligator’s age at between 15 and 20 years. He said “nothing will go to waste” as he detailed plans for the meat, skin and head.

“Nothing better than having the hunt of a lifetime, all in the name of Florida conservation,” Kimmel wrote.

Photographs courtesy of Martin County Trapping and Wildlife Rescue.

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