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Progreso “Palaperos” harass tourists, they say these people are “aggressive and rude”

by Sofia Navarro
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Visitors to the port of Progreso complain about the harassment they receive from people who offer a place to have lunch on the beach, known as “Palaperos”. Tourists also comment that they invade their personal space and even feel harassed by the insistence of these people. For their part, the vendors stated that they are just trying to make a living and don’t harm anyone.

The workers commented that they earn commission, so their “job” is to approach tourists to offer them a palapa where they can spend the afternoon comfortably. However, this has become uncomfortable for visitors, as they feel the insistence of the beach vendors is “aggressive.”

“Some people put on a grumpy face when we offer them the menu or show them the area where they can use a palapa. Some people ignore us completely, but in the end, it’s a job like any other; it’s like promoters in the supermarket who get in your way to offer a certain product to customers,” the palaperos said.

However, visitors indicated that it’s not “very pleasant” for vendors to get in their way or approach them too close physically to offer their services.

“We know it’s their job and they make a living from it, but at least for us who are not from here, we’re not used to being approached or physically invaded. I think it’s an invasion of personal space. It’s great that they try to sell, but there’s a limit. Then you tell them no, and they almost chase you shouting the offers so that you’ll give in,” said visitor Lourdes García.

For his part, citizen Cristian Jordin commented, “It’s a bit uncomfortable, but what I don’t think is right is that they don’t speak clearly from the beginning. Even if you don’t consume anything, they charge you 200 pesos just for sitting in the palapa, and some menus they present don’t have prices. It’s not about the expense itself, it’s about not being honest. After all, we’re aware that if we come on vacation, it’s because we have enough money to spend, but not under the deception of vendors.”

“They even seem like a small mafia, they’re all in a group, and some even smell like alcohol. It’s good that they’re working, but there should have a supervisor to oversee what they’re doing and whether they’re drunk or not,” the tourist concluded.

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