The port of Progreso hosted the “15th Showcase of Folk Dance Groups” at the state level, attracting dozens of dancers of all ages who refuse to let the Jaranas of Yucatan die during the afternoon of this Tuesday, April 11th.

Although only a show with scenes from different parts of Mexico was scheduled, a parade was held on the traditional boardwalk to open the event, starting from the giant letters that form the name of the municipality.

Just at five o’clock in the afternoon, the starting signal was given for the participating groups, and this extension remained completely full thanks to the Lenten season and also the arrival of dozens of tourists from other countries, so the protagonists stood out even more proudly in their typical costumes and even live music, as was the case with the folk company “Alma de México,” who represented Veracruz.

One of the groups that received the most applause for their previous effort and dedication was the inclusive group of the State Center for Fine Arts, who wore striking costumes, especially for those who were unaware of the cultural range that the Mexican Republic has.

“It’s something totally new for us, it was unexpected because at no time was it announced that an event like this was going to take place. We came to see Yucatan and now we’re leaving with a little more of Mexico,” said Fernanda Zubarrieta, a tourist from Colombia.

The youngest members of the family did not lag behind and with the ballet “Telpochcalli” they showed that there is no age to showcase talent and leave a mark with culture. For their part, the port paraded with suits and jaranas, showing off their fine “zapateado” while walking with the leader of the group, dance teacher Abel Rodríguez Ramírez.

Once they arrived at the Casa de la Cultura, an attractive program began where there was also folklore from different states performed by the aforementioned groups. With this event, Progreso was the host for the second time and will probably have this responsibility again in 2024, as the mentioned venue was completely full.

TYT Newsroom