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Pixar takes animation further in “Elemental”

by Sofia Navarro
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Pixar is finalizing details ahead of the release of “Elemental,” a film scheduled for June 16 that the studio says is the “most technologically ambitious project” in its history.

A sneak preview of the film, which is structured around the endearing story between a flame of fire and a drop of water, was revealed this week at Pixar’s offices in San Francisco, California, to a small group of international media.

American Peter Sohn, who has been linked to the iconic studio for more than two decades, having participated in films such as “Ratatouille” (2007), “Up” (2009) and “Lightyear” (2022), directs this film that combines a story full of values and an innovative visual bet.

“We tried to find the balance between a good story and an attractive way to make it appear on screen. We sought to balance the best of digital animation with human traits that would identify the characters,” Sohn explained.

Up to 151,000 render farms were needed to process all the digital content behind “Elemental“, which required a complex creation process mainly because the main characters are special effects in themselves.

Animation composed of drawings, colors, textures, transparencies and computer-generated images (CGI) that merge, alter and transform every time Ember Lumen (fire) and Wade (water) interact with each other or with an environment also made up of two other elements of nature: earth and air.

Likewise, the care behind every detail in the streets, buildings or stores of Element City, as the city where the plot takes place was baptized, reflects a meticulous work that still has the last details to be completed.

As for the story, Sohn explained that it is “very much influenced” by his personal experience, dealing with issues such as the migratory process of a family and its subsequent adaptation, since his parents are of Korean origin and moved to New York decades ago.

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