Pemex puts Campeche fishermen in ‘crisis’, maintains restriction in capture areas

(Photo Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

It is urgent that federal and also local legislators work to address the issue of dredging navigation channels of rivers, lagoons, and estuaries in the municipality of Carmen, so that the art of fishing does not disappear, said Baudelio Cruz Coronel, president of the Regional Union of Solidarity Groups and Fishing Cooperatives of the Southern State.

He indicated that currently, the coastal fishing industry is going through a serious crisis that has put the sector in check in the municipality, which, according to preliminary reports from the census conducted by the Fishing and Aquaculture Institute of the State (Inpesca), comprises more than 3,200 fishermen, which also includes those who work in so-called aquaculture farms, a situation that worsens because Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) maintains the exclusion zone perimeter that encompasses the Campeche Sound platforms.

Although he considered it important that the Chamber of Deputies has approved a reduction in exclusion zones by the state-owned company, it remains to be seen how much it will be reduced.

In the event that the reduction of zones is given, Cruz Coronel indicates that fishing in this case would be traditional fishing with implements because nets could not be used, “although we will work with our hooks or paladres because if we were to use a net in that area, the only thing we would catch would be the waste that the platforms have left unused.”

The opening of fishing in the platform area would help the fishing community in our municipality, “the fishermen of Sabancuy, Isla Aguada, Ciudad del Carmen, and the Atasta Peninsula would have support because we do not have production,” he said.

Therefore, it is also necessary to rescue the sector that legislators do something to clear the navigation channels.

In that sense, Cruz Coronel emphasized that federal and local legislators must work together to achieve a budget for dredging fishing areas, allowing the mouths of rivers, estuaries, and lagoons of Carmen to be dredged as soon as possible so that in the not-too-distant future, the generations of fishermen have good production and fishing in the state ends.

Regarding this, he commented that there has been no proposal in this regard, as they are very important in the case of Sabancuy, which has been requesting dredging of the estuary access channel and access to the docks for over two years.

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