Motorcyclist dies in traffic accident near Dzilam González, Yucatán

Photo: Yucatan a la Mano

The motorcyclist was projected onto the pavement and was not wearing a protective helmet, which caused him to present severe cranioencephalic traumatism, resulting in instantaneous death.

On the state highway Dzilam Gonzalez – Dzilam de Bravo at kilometer 18 was the place where a motorcyclist skidded and died.

The young man from Dzilam Gonzalez had just left the port of Dzilam de Bravo and was on his way home, but destiny had a bad trick for him, as a wild boar crossed the road on the way, causing him to skid.

The motorcyclist was projected to the pavement, he was not wearing a protective helmet which caused him to present severe cranioencephalic traumatism which caused his death instantly.

The municipal police of Dzilam Gonzalez and the state police arrived at the scene to flag down the area due to vehicular traffic since many vacationers travel on this road.

The SSP ambulance Y-14 arrived at the scene and the paramedics diagnosed that the young man no longer had vital signs. The area is cordoned off awaiting the State Attorney General’s Office for the removal of the body.

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