More than 50 illegal migrants have been detained so far this year in Yucatan: INM

FILE PHOTO: A group of Honduran migrants who are trying to reach the U.S. , look at a Central America and Mexico map outside a migrant shelter as they wait to move towards the Guatemala and Mexico border, in Tecun Uman

The National Institute of Migration (INM) reported that this year the number of people rescued, mainly from American countries, has increased; in these first months of 2023 more than 50 migrants were secured in Yucatan.

The representative of the INM, Carmen de los Santos Robledo, explained that Yucatan, in comparison with other entities, receives a minimal number of migrants; however, “we have seen that there is a greater number, let’s say, from one or two, it has doubled from two to four. Mainly, they are Central American and South American citizens, occasionally, extra continental“.

She detailed that there have been close to 60 people rescued through various operations, who were passing through the Yucatan state in order to reach Mexico City or other states in the north of the country.

She also indicated that 30 migrants from India were in Umán and this is the largest number they have detected so far, and informed that these rescues are carried out in coordination with federal and state security agencies in any municipality of the entity.

“There is no specific municipality, as we have commented. We have been participating together with the other security corporations and that means that it can vary from place to place. We are focused on what is Merida, but we have also been in itinerant activities in response and accompaniment of the municipalities.”

She assured that all rescued persons have their human rights respected during the procedure, being that their condition is analyzed and they are notified if their assisted return will proceed.

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