Mexican tourists mistreat a manatee in Chetumal’s lagoon

Photo: Quadratin

MÉRIDA, Yucatan, April 3, 2023.- Through social networks users demanded that authorities intervene to prevent bathers from playing with a manatee that lives in the Guerrero Lagoon in Chetumal, Quintana Roo.

It was on the Travelmaniaco page where images were shared of a group of people who went swimming in the lagoon and found a manatee known in the area as Daniel. In the images the swimmers can be seen hugging the animal and handling it.

“They found Dani the manatee in the Guerrero Chetumal Lagoon and the visitors “had fun” with the specimen directly hurting and harming this super popular and important animal, let’s hope the Government of Quintana Roo does something about it”

Photo: Quadratin

Following the publication, users expressed their anger at the lack of awareness and care for this endangered species.

“How much ignorance”, “We demand the people of Mexico to punish them, this cannot stay like this”, “Ignorant people, who do not know how to respect animals, I hope they are fined and that the authorities put a protected area where these animals live and we can enjoy their beauty in their freedom”, are some of the comments made against the swimmers.

Activists have expressed their rage and discontent with these images on social networks.

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