Mexican Navy rescued three crew members aboard a vessel off the coast of Yucatan

Elements of the Mexican Navy-Armed Forces rescued three crew members aboard a small vessel, which was anchored approximately 44 nautical miles (81 kilometers) northeast of Progreso, Yucatan yesterday.

This action was carried out after receiving a distress call from a fishing vessel named “NEREO XXVIII,” with three people on board, which was without propulsion.

Therefore, personnel from the Naval Search, Rescue and Surveillance Station (ENSAR) Yukalpeten were alerted, who immediately went to the scene aboard a Defender-type vessel.

Upon arriving in the area, in order to safeguard human life at sea, they carried out boarding maneuvers for the three crew members, originally from Buctzotz, Yucatan, who were in good health, proceeding to concentrate them in the port of Dzilam de Bravo, Yucatan, with their fishing cooperative.

For emergency assistance at sea or any request for support, the Thirteenth Naval Zone makes the telephone number 969 935 4306 available to the public.

Likewise, the Secretariat of the Navy shares the following contact number: 800 (627 4621), 800 MARINA1.

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