Merida man will remain in jail for assaulting his brother

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The man beat up his brother inside his home in the Vergel I subdivision in Merida and also caused damage to the property.

The judge of the First Judicial District sentenced R.G.M.M. to trial for the crimes of domestic violence and property damage in Merida.

The events occurred on April 2 at the home of his brother in the Vergel I subdivision, where the accused physically and verbally assaulted him, in addition to causing damage to various objects of his property.

After the formal complaint was filed with the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), investigations were initiated under criminal case 120/2023 to initiate the criminal process.

During the hearing, prosecutors presented the evidence before the Judge of the First Judicial District, which was considered sufficient to decree the indictment.

In addition, the judicial authority granted a term of three months for the closing of the complementary investigation, during which time the defendant must maintain the precautionary measures established in the initial hearing.

These consist of remaining in justified preventive detention, a measure that he will maintain until his participation in the facts denounced for the crimes of domestic violence and damage to property belonging to others is clarified.

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