Mérida became Disney’s headquarters and cluster for selecting Yucatecan talent

Photo: peninsularmx.com/

Yucatan became Disney’s headquarters and cluster to select Yucatecan talent, a process in which, for the first time, young people from the interior of the state were chosen to work abroad with the international brand, who will be part of the exchange programs and will be able to practice the English language, increasing their job opportunities in the world. Of the 92 young people interviewed, 90 were selected.

These young people will work for 3 months in Disney next summer, for this, following the instructions of the State Government will support them with travel expenses so that they can not miss this opportunity that will give them experience and relationships for the future.

This procedure, which was last carried out in the state in the year 2000, normally takes place in Mexico City, however, this year it was carried out in Yucatan, with which the State Government saved the university students an expense by bringing the opportunities closer to the state.

Within its cultural mobility programs, Disney offers Yucatecan students from private and for the first time public universities, in its 3-month modality, the opportunity for professionals to complete the process to be part of its exchange programs, offering the ability to interact in a different environment through the English language and being an ambassador of Mexican and Yucatecan culture to the whole world.

The objective is that young people can be more prepared and competitive in the work environment when they leave their universities with the language and the primary characteristic of service that Disney brings to its employees as well as with a resume that has more extensive knowledge of other cultures.

The interviews that took place in the Yucatan capital were conducted by Javier Reyes, Senior of the University and International Recruiter Program; Jessica Schaefer, Immigration Compliance Specialist, and Aaron Wright, Program Experience Manager.

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