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In Rio Lagartos, they charge up to 2,000 pesos to see crocodiles at night

by Sofia Navarro
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Located on the eastern coast, Río Lagartos, one of the ports with ample sites for unforgettable vacations, offers national and foreign tourists the best experience to enjoy a look at the natural beauties, and the extraordinary opportunity to taste its ample gastronomy based on fish and seafood, commented Heysler Pacheco, of “El Manglar Río Lagartos Tours”, and owner of the restaurant “El Manglar”.

He said that the site providers are expecting visitors from all parts of the country, as well as those from Europe and Asia, who enjoy nature, to arrive during the Easter vacations.

He added that this port also offers tourists sites worth admiring, such as the natural park of Ría Lagartos, the Itzamkanac crocodile farm, the boardwalk with a beautiful panoramic view of the natural reserve; you can also enjoy boat or motorboat tours to live a fishing experience, without forgetting the Mayan bath; for the adventurous spirits there are also ecological tours, nature and wildlife tours, tours for all-terrain vehicles, among other pastimes.

The tours cost between 1,500 pesos and 2,000 pesos, for six people in each boat, with a duration of two hours, during which you can appreciate all that is in the Biosphere Reserve and as a courtesy you are taken to the shores of the beach.

“For the adventurous, those who like to feel the adrenaline rush in their blood, among the most innovative things we have the crocodile watching at night at a cost of 2 thousand pesos; in this place you can enjoy the opportunity to travel in the quietness of the estuary under a starry sky and the presence of the reptiles that come out at night in the shallow waters of the estuary,” he said.

Regarding sport fishing tours, the cost is between 2,200 and 2,500 pesos, including bait and hooks, and while fishing, visitors can also enjoy a delicious ceviche.

There are several restaurants in Río Lagartos, most of them located on the boardwalk, offering a variety of dishes based on different types of seasonal seafood such as lobster, octopus, shrimp, all of them 100% fresh, while the Riviera Maya tours offer a preferential price for food depending on the stew.

He said that visitors can enjoy a variety of specialties at the restaurant “El Manglar” located on 9th Street on the way to the Chiquilá beach resort.

He said that in relation to lodging there are at least five hotels, inns and houses for rent that previously require reservations, the cheapest at a cost of 898 pesos, also the Rio Lagartos hotel has rooms with all services at a cost of about 2,389 pesos; Yuum Ha Boutique Hotel offers prices from 1,452 pesos, other facilities are around 1,742 and 789 pesos.

Among other attractions of this beautiful fishing port is the Chiquilá freshwater eye, located on the east side where the boardwalk ends, this space has a restaurant that offers a wide menu of fish and seafood; in the vicinity of the place you can enjoy trails such as Peten Mac, which goes to the church of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Other sites that enjoy the preference of tourists are the bridge to the police station of Las Coloradas, the beaches of Cancunito and, of course, the pink salt ponds of the salt plant of Las Coloradas, a small town with a beautiful tourist stop where tours to the reserve and the ponds are offered.

Rio Lagartos expects to reach a record number of visitors during the Easter vacations and there are great expectations in this respect.

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