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Huay Chivo, the Yucatecan legend

by Sofia Navarro
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Huay Chivo is a legendary creature that has been part of the folklore of Mexico for many years. It is said to be a half-human, half-goat creature that roams the hills and valleys of the region. The creature is believed to be a shape-shifter, able to take on the form of a human or a goat depending on its mood.

The story of Huay Chivo begins in a small village nestled in the Yucatan Peninsula. The villagers were hardworking people who lived off the land and took care of their animals. They were a close-knit community and looked out for each other. However, one day, a stranger came to their village.

The stranger was a tall, lanky man with a long beard and piercing eyes. He wore a tattered cloak and carried a staff made from a gnarled tree branch. The villagers were wary of him at first, but he seemed harmless enough. He claimed to be a hermit and said that he was searching for a quiet place to live out his days.

Huay Chivo by Lex Revolter

The villagers took pity on the hermit and allowed him to live in an abandoned cabin on the outskirts of the village. However, as time went by, strange things began to happen. The villagers would wake up in the morning to find their animals missing or slaughtered. They would hear strange noises coming from the hills at night, and some even claimed to have seen a half-human, half-goat creature wandering the countryside.

The villagers became frightened and suspected that the hermit was behind the strange occurrences. They confronted him, but he denied any wrongdoing. They decided to take matters into their own hands and drove him out of the village.

However, the strange happenings continued, and the villagers soon realized that the hermit was not to blame. They remembered an old legend about a creature called Huay Chivo, which was said to inhabit the hills and valleys of the region. The villagers realized that they had driven the hermit out for no reason and begged him to come back and help them deal with Huay Chivo.

The hermit agreed to help, and together, they set out to find Huay Chivo. They searched the hills and valleys for days, but they could not find the creature. Finally, one night, they heard strange noises coming from a cave in the mountains. They cautiously approached the cave and found Huay Chivo inside.

(Photo: La Jornada Maya)

Huay Chivo was a terrifying creature, with glowing red eyes and razor-sharp claws. The hermit approached the creature and spoke to it in a gentle voice. To everyone’s surprise, the creature calmed down and allowed itself to be led out of the cave.

The villagers were overjoyed that Huay Chivo had been found and captured. They thanked the hermit for his help and welcomed him back into the village. From that day on, they lived in peace, knowing that Huay Chivo would no longer terrorize them.

The legend of Huay Chivo lives on to this day, reminding the people of Yucatan to be kind to strangers and to not judge someone based on their appearance. It also serves as a reminder that sometimes, the true monsters are not the ones we think they are.

Legend says that the Huay Chivo was created when in a village there was a boy who knew all the plants and their properties, being able to cure people. As he grew up he became a “Huay” or “Way” (witch doctor in Mayan) and fell in love with a young woman who helped his family by taking care of the goats. The desperate and madly in love sorcerer made a pact with Kisín (the devil) offering his soul in exchange for being able to become a goat in order to attract the young woman and be close to her. However, the spell did not work and transformed him into a terrifying being that can turn into a goat-shaped beast at will during the night to be more agile and better able to perform his evil spells. Hence the Mayan legend of the Huay Chivo.

So if one day the night catches you in the jungle, take your precautions to avoid encountering the Huay Chivo… unless you want to have a supernatural adventure… and of course you want to share it with us.

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