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For the love of all the arts, we will promote more Culture in Merida (Renán Barrera)

by Magali Alvarez
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In order to continue strengthening culture and the arts, and to ensure that they reach every corner of the municipality, PAN candidate for Mayor Renán Barrera Concha presented his proposals to promote the various artistic disciplines and performances.

Before members of the artistic community, the PAN candidate reaffirmed his commitment to the promotion of culture in Mérida and highlighted the importance of using art in municipal public policies as an element of social cohesion.

“I am passionate about art and culture because through these disciplines we can strengthen social cohesion. That is why you are part of the priorities in my next administration,” he said.

Mérida is unique thanks to its artistic displays, with its different ways of being, its personalities, colors, flavors, sounds, music and culture, he added.

In this sense, Renán Barrera explained that among the projects and actions he will undertake in his next municipal government is to continue supporting popular culture, trios, regional theater, gastronomy and artisans, until a complete return to pre-pandemic conditions is achieved.

He pointed out that he will support establishments that have coordinated live music in the Historic Center, taking care of noise and sanitary protocols through a tripartite collaboration scheme.

He will also seek to gradually recover the Semana Meridana and La Noche Blanca as a basis for economic and cultural reactivation, since these programs give movement to the Historic Center.

The existing municipal funds will be maintained, despite the difficulties generated by the pandemic, and the Support Fund for the Production of Digital Contents, the Fund for Emerging Groups and Artists and the Solidarity Fund for Independent Spaces will be created.

Another ambitious project is the creation of the “Fernando Castro Pacheco” Cultural Center and the “Armando Manzanero” Music Academy, as well as the modernization of the Natural History Museum, one of the most visited museums in the city.

Likewise, the offer of cultural and artistic shows will be expanded with new technologies, such as virtual reality on street corners and on the Mayan stelae in the Park of the Americas, and the increase of urban videomapping and public art projects.

Photo: La Revista

With Peni-Cultura, an interdisciplinary project for the creation, dissemination and sale of artistic products and international cultural and gastronomic experiences, we will carry out activities of artistic disciplines, creative and gastronomic enterprises and night economy with attractions of new audiovisual technologies and immersive experiences. It will be a center of cultural and creative production and diffusion for the world from Mérida.

In turn, the invited artists from various disciplines such as multimedia, circus art, dance, theater, music, visual arts, urban art, writers and intellectuals, expressed their support to the candidate and thanked him for the support provided during the pandemic through various actions.

They also presented some proposals and concerns to “navigate” together towards the promotion of art and culture.

The plastic artist Javier Barrera thanked for the opportunity for dialogue and rapprochement with the artistic guild and acknowledged the implementation of successful programs such as La Noche Blanca.

He took the opportunity to request the implementation of cultural programs in the commissariats where the visual arts can be promoted through workshops and exhibitions so that recent graduates in this discipline can develop their professional projects.

Master stage director and communicologist Luis Ramírez congratulated the Mérida City Hall for supporting and including the visual technological arts in different municipal shows such as videomapping.

He proposed working in synergy with musicians and performing arts producers, fusing disciplines to create new pieces that will be an attraction for Meridanos and visitors alike.

Finally, the director of the company “Titereplanet”, Teo Flores, proposed among other things the creation of a municipal school theater program to bring art to the schools of Mérida, create cultural spaces in shopping centers, parks and police stations, build a municipal theater, provide greater support to alternative forums and create competitive funds for travel and increase the Municipal Funds for Culture.

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