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April 1.- Merida City Hall will carry out the first Open Government exercise, a very important civic celebration in which citizen participation is involved, the Head of the Transparency Unit of the Municipality of Merida, Pablo Loría Vázquez, first explained the definition of open government.

“An open government seeks to try to solve certain problems through a plan of action, who is the main axis, the main axis is civil society, normally the problems that afflict a place, a city are solved by the City Hall from the desk, on this occasion it is no longer going to be only the City Hall, but we are going to do it together with civil society.”

In addition, Loría Vázquez indicated that civil society made a call together with the State Institute of access to public information, which was joined by the Merida City Hall, in which Mayor Renán Barrera signed a declaration of open government.

“That is to say, we are going with the society first to look for what problems afflict them the most and for that a survey is done from March 27 to May 12 where we are going to look for, those problems and we are going to sit down to solve them through co-creation tables, what is co-creation? well it is precisely that, the intervention of the civil society, once we have those tables of concretion, we are going to solve it with experts, we are going to see what are all our possibilities.”

The municipal government has already done the first surveys in precincts and sub precincts of Merida, where approximately 850 people participated, now the surveys will be done in the city.

“I want to invite all citizens to answer these surveys that will be online, they are very simple, they will include statistical data and then there are the problems, if the problems are streets, street lights, everything that we think together with civil society that may be problems for the city will be segregated into points in the east, west, south and north, where we can get a statistic on where the problems are.”

Merida’s society will be able to find the links where the Municipal Open Government carries out the surveys on the INAIP and Merida’s City Hall web pages.

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