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Earth Day celebrations around the world

by Sofia Navarro
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Yesterday, on April 22nd, people around the world celebrated Earth Day, a day dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and action. Earth Day has been celebrated annually since 1970, and this year’s theme was “Restore Our Earth.”

This year’s Earth Day was marked by a variety of events and activities, both in-person and virtual. From tree planting events and beach cleanups to virtual educational webinars and climate change rallies, people all over the world came together to demonstrate their commitment to protecting the planet.

In the United States, President Joe Biden marked the occasion by hosting a virtual summit on climate change, which was attended by leaders from around the world. During the summit, President Biden pledged to cut US greenhouse gas emissions in half by the end of the decade, and urged other countries to take similar action.

In India, thousands of people participated in tree planting drives, and the country’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, called on citizens to make environmental protection a “people’s movement.”

In Kenya, local communities held cleanup drives and educational events to raise awareness about environmental issues, while in Indonesia, activists held a “Green Concert” to promote sustainability.

In the Philippines, environmental groups staged protests calling for an end to coal-fired power plants, while in Australia, a “Climate Justice” rally was held to demand action on climate change.

These are just a few examples of the many events that took place around the world on Earth Day. As the effects of climate change become more severe, it is important for individuals and governments alike to take action to protect the planet. By working together, we can make a difference and create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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