Photo: (Yucatán ahora)

MÉRIDA, Yucatan – If the sky is clear, Yucatan will soon be able to see one of the most beautiful meteor showers: the Lyrids, which can be seen with the naked eye.

The Lyrids are one of the classic natural phenomena of spring, and in a dark sky, in which the lunar glow does not intervene, between 10 and 15 meteors per hour are expected.

When to see the Lyrid meteor shower?
The Lyrids 2023 star shower will begin around Sunday, April 16, however, the phenomenon will gain more and more strength and on Sunday, April 23 will be seen with greater splendor.

Thus, the Lyrids star shower will be visible on the night of April 23 and early morning of April 23, if the sky conditions are optimal.

If you missed the night of the 23rd, no problem: between the 21st and 25th there will still be a chance to appreciate the astronomical phenomenon.

Where do the Lyrids come from?
This star shower is born from Comet Thatcher, which takes 417 years to circle the Sun. The meteors are ‘born’ or radiate from the constellation Hercules.

Upon contact with the Earth’s atmosphere, the cosmic rocks and debris ignite and become brightly colored.
Green, yellow and orange are among the most common. The 2023 Lyrids are not exempt from this capability. Although typically not the most abundant of the year, they are known to bring celestial surprises.

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