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Dangerous and Illegal: The street clandestine car races plaguing Mérida-Progreso Highway

by Sofia Navarro
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One day, you are coming back from work to your house, feeling tired and exhausted. All you want is to get home as soon as possible. To get there, you may have to travel on the Mérida-Progreso highway, which is late and dark. Suddenly, you feel a rush of wind coming from your left, and you get goosebumps. The next minute, neon lights blind you, rushing from behind and moving in a zigzag manner the minute they get in front of you.

This is what many drivers felt last Friday at around 9 pm when a group of street clandestine car racers began their journey to get to Progreso. During the night and until morning, they put the lives of many people in danger by starting their races.

But where are the authorities? Despite the many police cars that patrol the highway and the city at night, none were to be seen. Drivers on the highway may have witnessed these events multiple times, while others experienced it for the first time.

Street clandestine car racing, also known as street racing, is an underground subculture of car enthusiasts who compete against each other on public roads. These races often take place in the dead of night on empty streets, with drivers using high-performance vehicles modified for speed and agility.

The allure of these illegal races is the thrill of speed and danger. Participants risk hefty fines, jail time, and even their lives to experience the adrenaline rush of pushing their cars to the limit. Many of these races are unsanctioned, unsupervised, and have no safety measures in place.

Apart from the inherent dangers, street racing has also been linked to an increase in accidents and fatalities. In some cases, innocent bystanders have been killed or injured when a race went out of control. The environmental impact of these races is also a concern, as they contribute to air pollution and noise pollution in residential areas.

How come nobody talks publicly about these races and how they put the lives of not only drivers but also pedestrians at risk? It is a mystery that still haunts the citizens of Progreso.

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