Citizens say PROFECO has abandoned those affected by a millionaire fraud in Yucatan

Photo: Reportur

Several people affected by the fraud of an online travel agency have requested assistance from the Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor (PROFECO) without obtaining an obvious solution to the problem, denouncing, at the same time, the lack of support from the institution and alleged administrative irregularities.

According to Solyucatán, some of the complainants have indicated that Profeco officials are in cahoots with Lasen Travel, the travel agency that has defrauded dozens of families.

Some testimonies indicate that after asking for explanations from the travel agency, they have been urged to contact Profeco where they have been made to sign a supposed refund that has never been paid, preventing them from following up on their complaint.

Travel agency associations are trying to stop this type of scams with some initiatives. For example, in Quintana Roo, close to four thousand travel agencies, members of the Mexican Tourism Bureau, have created a strategy to reduce fraud when tourists buy recreational activities from “dummy” or non-existent companies.

However, the tourist reactivation and the high demand for lodging and housing in Quintana Roo have triggered real estate frauds, most of them carried out through social networks (Xcaret, main victim of digital frauds in the Caribbean).

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